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    You are company to us both It is wholesome to have you here

    and vowed to make another kite for those occasions, of

    running all the way to Dover, when I gave up the pursuit

    Again, and again, and a hundred times again, since the night

    After all, if you bring her to the border, today she will not hurt

    smile upon his face, though his black eyebrows were heavily

    of protégées whom my aunt had taken into her service expressly to

    ‘Thank you,’ said Mrs Micawber ‘That is quite sufficient If

    with his hand: ‘The old ’un!’ From this I rightly conjectured that

    ‘So much for that!’ he said, making as if he tossed something

    ‘And when you had made sure of the poor little fool,’ said my

    only bring in the dishes, and then withdraw to the landing-place,

    I had often admired, as I have elsewhere described, his

    ‘Oh dear, I am not referring to the Doctor! Oh no, poor man! I

    more to the purpose, if you had had any practical ideas of life,


    ‘Don’t tell Peggotty; she might be angry with them I am

    something else, entirely different; the wonderful vagaries that

    ‘Ma’am,’ returned Mr Micawber, with a bow, ‘you are very

    back No one stop me! I tell you I’m a going to seek my niece!’

    you know’

    place, and just short of that place I should see such another place,

    Holborn Mr Dick, who had been with me to Highgate twice

    the waiter, who had quite recovered his spirits, did not appear to

    should unquestionably have supposed that A had been so’

    rightful umbleness of a person in my station, Master Copperfield!

    benighted innocent had never seen such a man He was made of

    two hours; while Agnes played on the piano, worked, and talked to

    saw; for there was a sofa-bedstead in it, and his blacking-brushes


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